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Awesome Guns in Fashion

There are times when reviewing collections or simply looking through the pages of Vogue when fashion can get a bit dull. Too many of the same things, too many fluffy chiffon dresses or frilly feathered dresses and it’s that moment when my eyes glaze over and I lose focus that my mind wanders and I usually come up with some great fashion ideas. Like today for example. Today I want to write a tribute to Uzi’s Machine Guns, and all other types of handheld shooting devices in the world of fashion.

So without further ado, I present The Marquis of Fashion’s Runway Gun Range! Step right up and see the oddities that have graced the runways or music videos that have a gun attached to a necklace, a gun embedded in the heel of a shoe, or a gun somewhere on the articles of clothing that follow. Don’t be shy they won’t shoot, their simply captions of items both recent and from the recent past that have made an impact in fashion’s history. Get it… Impact… it’s a gun! … Tough crowd.

Flip through the pages below to see the amazing gun/fashion products that are busting a cap in fashion’s @ss. But in case you are too lazy to flip through I’ll provide you with this first image of Karl Lagerfeld and his Chanel Gun Shoe! Chanel… I know right! I’m sure Coco is rolling in her grave. Oooooor laughing hysterically I can’t quite peg it.

Who could forget the fembots and their interesting gun bras? Or Lady Gaga for that matter and her Machine Gun dance sequence for Alejandro? Or this photo for Rolling Stones Magazine… Amazing!


If you can’t accessorize with a gun then what is the point of guns in the first place… Don’t answer that. This Uzi ring is exceptionally complimenting for a ombre colored nail polish. or this glittery machine gun necklace. GORGE!

This flashy gun belt buckle is so hot in Japan right now but lets let our love of high-powered embellishments cross borders and bring this trend right into our homes.


Okay this is hilarious and scary at the same tie because it’s a real gun. The hat is I believe a concept mostly because the gun is fired by using your mouth. Or something. I’m not sure it’s all very confusing but never-the-less, the thing is an accessory. I dont’ recommend letting a youngster play toy soldier with this one though.



Congrats you made it to the end and for that I give you this spectacular treat. A hoof heel, that has been made into a high heel, that has a gun as the heel… I know what you’re thinking, “Mark, Where do I get one?” and the answer may surprise you. I’m not going to tell you. To be honest if I saw someone wearing this I would run in the other direction screaming something about the Apocalypse and Quentin Tarantino. So to avoid my embarrassment let’s just stick with the Chanel pump.



SOURCE: Original text by: Mark St.James – 6/14

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