Comfortable Delta Cargo Pants by STRYKR


The “DELTA CARGO” Covert Carry Holster System Pants allows an operator to easily carry up-to a compact or sub-compact sidearm (from a pocket pistol up to a Glock 19 or equivalent) without visual detection or gun imprint, that can be quickly accessed one-handed, with one-motion and virtually snag-freemore effective  and comfortable than any other conceal-carry method. Our holster is universal and will fit all of your guns, so need need to buy multiple holsters to accommodate your various firearms.

The level of comfort is UNSURPASSED with STRYKR Covert Carry Holster Systems. Unlike waist carry, the STRYKR system is located on the thigh, similar to a drop-down tactical holster; therefore, your sidearm won’t “dig” into your waist or spine while sitting or standing. With the STRYKR system, there is no more spine or back pain and injuries.

Carrying IWB, OWB or chest carry has a greater probability of showing or printing. Users who carry this way draw unwanted attention fidgeting with their clothing — worrying if their gun is going to show, drop, or print while bending down, sitting, walking or running. The STRYKR Covert Carry Holster System provides worry-free carry — securely and covertly hiding your sidearm without fail.

The STRYKR Holster System positions your sidearm AWAY FROM ORGANS AND MAJOR ARTERIES. Unlike waist or chest carry, if you accidentally discharge your firearm while drawing, the positioning of our holster greatly reduces the possibility of serious injury or death.

The ability to draw from a sitting position while waist carrying is very difficult — especially while driving and if a seat belt is being used. The STRYKR system allows the user to draw without hindrance.

H I G H L I G H T S ::

  • covert carry system pockets: 1
  • removable holster system: no
  • ambidextrous: no
  • holster position: right hand only
  • magazine/accessory insert: no
  • covert carry pocket closure: velcro
  • stitching: double
  • pant material: 60% cotton 40%poly
  • wrinkle resistant fabric: yes
  • comfort waistband: no
  • wider belt loops: no
  • extra long smart phone back pocket: no
  • snag resistant holster
  • worry-free carry
  • “driver draw” (draw sitting down)
  • 1-motion draw system
  • machine wash cold, low tumble dry
  • prevents “pant pull”
  • FREE shipping on exchanges and returns

The STRYKR Covert Carry Holster System’s success comes from the lightweight brace holster which slides around your thigh under the Covert Carry Pocket and attaches to the pants, creating a drop-down tactical holster. This prevents the gun from pulling down on the pants and “slapping” against your leg, even while running. It also prevents the pants from being pulled up on a draw.

The STRYKR Covert Carry Pockets are lined with a lightweight and super tough PVC material which helps prevents the gun’s hammer or sights from getting caught on the pants, allowing a very fast 1-MOTION DRAW that is unmatched from any other conceal-carry system. An operator, with minimal training, can easily conceal-carry draw under one second with accuracy. A STRYKR representative who has no military or LEO training was able to conceal-carry draw and accurately shoot it’s target from seven yards at 0.83 seconds.

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